Not all websites are created equal. When writing web copy, you want to establish authority, entertain, and creatively deliver trusted information.

What Is Web Copy?

The writing that goes on your site is different than writing you’ll find anywhere else. It’s specifically created to engage people who are reading a computer screen. Usually, web copy is entertaining and informative, but its primary purpose is to inspire readers to take action. As such, a great deal of research and experience goes into writing web copy that succeeds.

What Makes for Superior Web Copy?

First, your readers have questions. If they didn’t have questions, they probably wouldn’t be browsing the internet using a search engine. A search suggests an inquiry, even if it’s vague, like best wool socks. So superior web copy answers your readers pressing questions.

But effective web copy does much more than that. When writing web copy, you aim to communicate your services or product in a way that’s informative, engaging, and memorable. Great web copy hooks a person and holds their interest. It also helps establish you as an authority in your field while encouraging the reader to place their trust in your expertise.

Superior web copy educates in a fun way – receiving useful knowledge is empowering. Writing web copy is both challenging and rewarding because it requires a specific skill set but also meets an immediate need.


Because it’s on your website, web copy isn’t all about the words. Effective web copy is visually attractive and intuitive. You accomplish this by choosing appealing fonts, spacing your paragraphs with headings, and adding photos and relevant links.

The more polished and attractive your site, the more trust, and confidence your reader will develop. If your blogs and articles are poorly written, it can have a devastating effect on your online reputation.

And remember, an excellently-crafted website is just a quick click away. You don’t want to give your reader any reason to doubt you and avert their gaze elsewhere.


When writing web copy, SEO best practices are never far away. To rank high in a search engine and gain coveted Google-priority, certain guidelines should be followed.

SEO involves selecting relevant keywords, carefully crafting your titles and meta descriptions, adding inbound and outbound links, and always keeping your target audience in mind.

If you’re spending hours writing web copy, you want to be sure it’s time well spent. The end goal is a site that’s eye-catching, original, and easy to navigate. Articles and blogs should be skimmable and broken up into clear sections so your readers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

A Unique Voice

One of the best chances you have for standing out from the crowd is a unique voice. While the information itself is important, it’s how you convey that information that’s going to either make or break you. Brands that rise above the masses find creative, compelling ways of expressing their beliefs, mission, and services.

Even though everyone needs a high-quality website, not everyone is a born writer. And even if they are, writing web copy is a very specific capability with its necessary skillset. If you doubt your ability to craft clear, compelling web copy, you might want to consider enlisting the services of a freelance web copywriter.

Writing Web Copy So You Don’t Have To

A freelance writing company can connect you with a writer or writers who can help you build your site from scratch, tweak it, or give it a long-overdue makeover. Regardless of your needs, web copywriters are experts in their field. The right copywriter is also an expert in yours.

When you outsource your web copywriting, a whole new world of possibility opens up. No longer confined to the skills and talents of existing staff, you can try your hand at collaborating with a writing professional. You might be surprised how much your modest investment in a freelance writer does to boost your visibility and increase your credibility.

How Professional Web Copy Helps

Just about anyone can write web copy. Writing web copy that’s shareable, memorable, and converts is another thing altogether. The aim is not to simply fill your site with words. The ultimate goal is to utilize your online presence to build an outstanding reputation and gain a loyal following.

The impression your site makes on visitors and potential clients cannot be underestimated. For many, their first impression of your company won’t be your product, service, or communication – it will be your site.

And just as you would take great care to make an excellent face-to-face impression, your site needs to express and convey all of the best aspects of you and your business. The tiniest things can cause people to question your credibility and professionalism – a cluttered page, unorganized layout, or mediocre content.

The Professionals Who Get You There

For some people, writing web copy isn’t just something they do when they have time – it’s their job. And the years of professional experience are apparent on the page. A professional web copywriter is someone who knows all about SEO best practices, compelling storytelling and boosting your visibility.

If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing your web copywriting, a freelance writing company can connect you to an individual who shares your knowledge, savvy, and passion for your field. They’ll collaborate with you and brainstorm on exciting new ways of keeping your content fresh.

What’s more, they’ll help you build something you can be proud of. Unfortunately, a good product or service isn’t enough on its own. The good news is, a professional web copywriter can help elevate your website to match the level of excellence your clients and customers have come to expect.