So, you’ve realized one of the fundamental challenges of your business right now. You need more content. However, being a very busy businessperson, there’s just no time to even think about creating new content on your own.

Someone recommends that you try a content writing agency, and that sounds like a good idea at first. Then you start to panic a little because you’re not really sure what you should be looking for. You don’t have time to be taken advantage of! You definitely don’t have money to waste.

Not to worry. Keep reading to discover what makes a great content writing agency.

Multiple ways to contact

There are tons of content writing agencies out there, but one key thing to look at is if they have multiple ways to be contacted. It is amazing to see how many great looking websites there are, and it sways you to joining a membership or buying a product. Then when a notable issue arises, you try to get a hold of someone and all that is available is an email address. That isn’t always a bad sign, but it isn’t always a good sign.

Before you go hiring an agency, look for a physical address on their website. Then, of course, look for an email address, but also your phone number. Do they have a support team platform?

If you have identified these points of contact, then try them out. Especially, if you are going to be spending a lot of money. Call the number. Send an email. Submit a ticket. What are your results?

Verify subject matter

A solid content writing agency should be able to cover any topic, but you want to make sure that they can cover yours. Depending on the depth of content you need, you may or may not need a specialized writer.

For the price level that you are hiring this agency at, should they be able to confirm what they can cover? Just a question to consider, in the event your topic request is specialized.

If you are concerned about having content produced on a certain subject, you can always ask to see samples. Seeing different samples in advance can either ease your mind or confirm your concerns.

Content turnaround time

It is an exciting thing to have content created on your behalf. You can’t wait to get your hands on it and get it up for the world to see. Some companies have great turnaround times; they won’t leave you hanging too long.

On the other hand, there are some providers you will have to double-check to make sure that you paid for their services because it seems they may have forgotten about your work.

Here’s the thing,  there is a not so great secret behind any given content writing agency. Sometimes the writers just don’t want to write about the topic that is in the queue. At times, content can just sit there waiting till someone picks it up to write it.

So, you will want to ask about the turnaround time for your content. You will want to know what happens if one of your orders doesn’t get fulfilled.


Content writing is an investment. When you are hiring an agency to help you with that, it is helpful to review some testimonials. If you can’t verify any testimonials, that might be a reason for a red flag.

If you are particularly drawn to a content writing agency, but you can’t find any testimonials on their website, try another route. Ask a representative if they can point you in the direction of clients sites they have worked for. Go to their websites and check out their work.

You can even seek out communicating with those clients to inquire about their experience with the agency in question.

Social sharing

This is not necessarily a make-or-break tip. It is always nice to see that a content writing agency has its footprints in the social media world. Other people are talking about it on their various platforms is always a wonderful sign.

Now, that you have some fundamental checkpoints to measure if a particular content writing agency is worth pursuing, let’s do a quick run-down of the services they normally supply.

Types of Content Writing Services

  • Article and Blog Writing: They should be able to fulfill requests for long and short-form blogs. Anything from brand messaging, too topical, to research-based. If you have a particular vision in mind, you can provide examples. Or, if you have content on your site that you would like them to mimic, provide that as well.
  • Research-based blogging: This type of content comes in handy, when its necessary to exhaust a topic and include data. It might also include content that is a combination of a blog and a case study.
  • Press releases: Need to get the word out about your business? Press releases do the trick. Before hiring a content writing agency, you will want to be sure to find out on your own what makes a great press release. You don’t want to spend money on something that is simply, amateur. Ask the company you are interested in for a sample. As a bonus, ask if they do press release distribution.
  • Company bios: The more website visitors can get to know your business, the more they will trust you. One of the best ways of doing that is to have company bios written for the key players involved. Adding some storytelling elements that include something personal about each person, creates a greater sense of trust.
  • Website copywriting: The type of content that gets your audience to make a move. That could be enrolling in a course, buying a product, or scheduling a consultation.
  • Social media content: This includes posts, hashtags, captions, descriptions of events, or groups.
  • Email newsletters writing: It is widely known that email newsletters are a great way to communicate with your followers. A content writing agency will be strategic in creating copy especially for your emails

Now, that you know what to look for time to consider a content writing agency to help take your business visibility to the next level.