Copywriting is the magical writing technique that helps sell your goods, services, and events. Solid copy enables you to take action in a way that expands your business’s bottom line.

However, you can have the most amazing copy, or the best writers on your team, and it won’t do you much good. To some, that is common knowledge, but for plenty of others, it might be surprising.

The winning ticket for getting your copy seen by your target audience is by having robust SEO copywriting content. What people are searching for on Google, needs to be interwoven into your content.

Understand, this step cannot be missed. You will only frustrate yourself and short-circuit your success

So, let’s get into how we can make SEO work for your copywriting ventures.

Get clear on your SEO copywriting purpose

Are you creating a landing page, about us page, product descriptions, or an FAQ page? Understanding the goal of what you’re trying to create will better help determine what type of keywords to use in your copy.

It might even be helpful to have a professional business content writer to view all of your pages. In so doing, they can let you what pages need to have a more clear purpose. Once every page on your website has a very clear purpose, then adding SEO copywriting will that much more useful!

If your content is written to get your readers to take action (as far as buying or signing up for something), keep that in mind as you are choosing the right keywords. The right keywords will support the actions you want your visitors to take.

SEO Copywriting is not one and done

You can always go back to old copy and tweak it. Google re-crawls content whenever there is an update. This is a great little trick. To use when you don’t have time to create new content, but you want Google to come back for a visit. A visit that will greatly benefit your rankings over time.

When you decide to update your content, you want to do that strategically. The way to do that is to go into SEO copywriting mode. That’s right; you need to add keywords that are being searched that will help support the goal of your copy.

You can do this by tweaking the title and subtitles. If some headlines or subtitles can be updated, feel free to take advantage of that.

Copywriting, in general, tends to move upon the emotions of readers. So, if there are ways for you to include keywords that complement the emotion woven in, play around with it! It could very well help boost your sales success.

If you want to get even more creative, you can alter any statements of guarantee with your offers, by adding in complementary keywords.

Is your brand message strong?

While creating SEO copywriting content, are you really hitting all the dynamics of what your brand should be communicating? Are you really hitting your target market with your content?

Make sure it’s clear what your copy is communicating, what you’re offering, and why it’s beneficial. It has got to be clear what problems you are solving. If your potential customers have to take time to deduce that, you will potentially leave a lot of money on the table.

One of the great ways to help with that is to include a long-tail keyword in your copy. Long-tail keywords are three to five words that create a phrase. You want to incorporate the ones that are question-like in nature. Something like “how to grow my urban garden?”. The more your copy supports an answer to a question, the better off your brand messaging will be.

Keep your website in mind

The other goal of your SEO copywriting is to be sure that it aligns with the overall goal of your website. So, you have to keep in mind what is the overall purpose of your website, in order not to go on content bunny trails.

Is your website strictly informative? Or, are you selling something? The goal of your website will influence your SEO copywriting strategy.

If there is any old content on your website that is truly not aligned with the overall goal of your website, fix it. Consider removing it entirely, or you can have a professional SEO copywriting specialist redo the content to help align it with your goals.

Just an admonition here, only do that if you feel the content is crucial to your website visitors’ actions.

Split test your pages

Test to know what is going to produce the best results. With SEO copywriting, you might have to try different versions of content to know what’s working.

Split testing your pages can mean getting to some of your business goals a lot quicker with your website. If you don’t split test pages, you will never really know what works best.

Scrap it

Don’t stay loyal to what is not working. Even without testing, sometimes we just know deep in our gut that something is not going to work.

Perhaps, there is certain content that you hang onto because of sentiment, but you know it’s not working. Don’t hang on to old content that doesn’t perform.

Just scrap it. Part of business evolution is being able to let go of the old. You have to make room for the new. Sometimes old and new cannot exist on the same platform.

To close, know that SEO copywriting is a skill – a very worthwhile skill that can only ever enhance your business. Skills are ever-evolving, there is always something new to learn.

As it relates to your content, if there is one skill to never stop learning, it would be this. If for some reason time doesn’t allow this exploration, hire a skilled SEO copywriting professional to do the job for you!