Hire a professional freelancer through an article writing service and watch your online visibility go from mild to wild.

Every website has articles. Not every website has good articles. In this day and age, your online presence and first impression make all the difference. But just because you don’t have a rock star writer on staff doesn’t mean you can’t have top-tier content. An article writing service will connect you to an expert author who can take your site from bland to grand.

What Is an Article Writing Service

An article writing service, or freelance writing company, is a network of expert writers who have the experience and passion necessary to create standout content. And there are quite a few reasons you might want to outsource your article writing to an accomplished professional.

The individuals you access through an article writing service are well-versed in SEO and impeccable with deadlines. They also deliver creative, original work. Ideally, you will link up with someone who has plenty of experience and insight into your particular field. So now that you know what an article writing service is, how do you choose one?

Find A Service with a Stellar Site

An article writing service claims to be able to elevate your online presence and increase reader engagement, right? So their site should probably knock your socks off.

Part of your vetting process is to visit the sites of potential article writing services. They should have some of their best writers and pieces available for your review, and that’s a good place to begin.

Find an Article Writer That Speaks to You

Look over the available articles on the writing service’s site. There should be a variety of styles and voices. With some luck, you’ll locate one particular writer who seems to speak your language. They might even specialize in the same field as you. Or perhaps they’re impressively versatile and you love the way they craft a story.

If you don’t see any articles that impress you, start a dialog with the article writing service. Tell them what you’re looking for and see who or what they might suggest. Remember, they’re a service. And the person they’re here to serve is you. So be direct, clear, and detailed. A good article writing service has someone for everyone.

Ask Questions

Engaging in conversations with an article writing service can be exciting and energizing. Discussing the hopes and vision you have for your business might not be something you do daily. Brainstorming can lead to interesting breakthroughs, compelling new ideas, and dramatic results.

An article writing service can talk to you about things like content strategy, your target audience, other websites that you admire, and your overall goals. Just like any other relationship, you want an article writing service that feels like a good fit. Conversations should flow smoothly, they should be accommodating and receptive, and you should ideally end up forming a connection to a specific freelance writer.

Express Yourself

Once you’re in touch with a writer, don’t hold back. Let them get a feel for the unique story and history of your company. Tell them why you’re passionate about what you do and how much your clients mean to you. It’s all going to end up on the page but as a more concise and polished expression.

Once you’ve told them all about your expectations and desires, listen to the writer’s feedback and questions. You might want to have them take a look at your existing content and give you their impressions. There’s no shame in examining what doesn’t work in the spirit of progress and evolution.

What an Article Writing Service Should Deliver

An article writing service is only responsible for one thing – delivering outstanding articles. And what we mean by outstanding is pretty simple. But let’s take a look at what you can expect from a top-notch article writing service, specifically.


Your articles will be SEO friendly and engaging. Professional article writers have spent many years honing their skills in this precise area. The kinds of articles they produce rank high in search engines and look attractive on the page. They utilize images, inbound and outbound links, and relevant keywords. They’re also simple to read and clearly informative.


But keywords and meta descriptions are not enough. To compete with the high quality of your competitors, the articles and blogs that appear on your site need to be expertly crafted for maximum impact. Further, they need to have a human element and an original feel.

The best professional article writers are a combination of creative and practical. While always keeping the questions and needs of the target audience in mind, these writers find unique, creative ways to deliver information that might come across as stale in the hands of someone less qualified.

There’s a Native American saying that says: Those who tell the stories rule the world. And those who tell the best stories rule the web. When article content is entertaining, it impresses upon the reader that you cared enough to choose the very best. This instills respect and trust in anyone who visits your site.

Just as importantly, this kind of content is highly shareable. The more enlightened and engaged someone is, the more likely they are to share your articles across multiple platforms. Engagement is critical to your visibility and reputation, so make your brand synonymous with powerful insight, enjoyable stories, and accurate information.

Feedback and Revisions

One last thing to keep in mind is that you are not simply handing the keys over to someone else. You are collaborating with an article writing service, which means continuous communication and a feedback loop to elevate the content and see its highest potential realized.

In the end, an article writing service helps you save time and frustration by ensuring your business and your website get what they deserve – the best of the best.