Freelance writing companies take the wheel in creating compelling, useful content that gets you noticed.

If you have a business, you already know the importance of quality content to attract new eyes. Luckily, you don’t have to tackle content writing yourself if those things are not in your wheelhouse. There are services built around providing timely, engaging content that attracts customers and leaves a lasting impression. Freelance writing companies compose the content so you can focus on what you do best.

If you’ve never worked with freelancers before, the process can feel a bit daunting. Below, we break down just how easy and effective it is to collaborate with freelance writing companies so that your message makes its way to a broader audience.

What Freelance Writing Companies Do

A freelance writing company is a collection of professional writers who put all of their energies and efforts into composing high-quality content for clients like yourself. Because they are freelance, they are not in-house employees. An individual, or a team of individuals, is assigned to your company’s project.

After studying your philosophy, services, products, and goals, a freelance writing company sets to work creating professional content that elevates your online presence and boosts your visibility. Using their years of experience and storytelling savvy, they help your website – and therefore your business – rise to the top.

Let’s take a look at some different kinds of writers and what they have to offer your business.

Content Writers

Content writers sourced from freelance writing companies know how to boost your site views and, as a result, sales. Good content writing attracts people to your website. While the writing itself isn’t sales-centric, these high-quality articles and blogs draw people in with their professional look and feel.

There are millions of websites out there. Discerning readers won’t trust a site that looks thrown-together or neglected. They are constantly on the lookout for pages that look polished and read well. A website with low-quality content is an immediate turn-off to readers and it demolishes any confidence they may have had in your services.

You may think you have someone on staff who can simply add content writing to their existing stack of duties. But unless you have someone who is specifically trained to write compelling, striking content, outsourcing these tasks to freelance writing companies is your best bet.


A copywriter, on the other hand, is an individual who writes professional marketing content intended to promote services and products. Their focus is on sales and conversions. They provide a wide variety of content including blog posts, ad campaigns, landing pages, and sales materials.

Your target audience is always at the forefront of a professional copywriter’s mind. The best freelance writing companies create a memorable, compelling experience for your audience that makes them feel connected to your business. Most importantly, copywriters find unique ways to elevate your company above all the rest.

Copywriters who have years of experience under their belt know how to utilize Google to boost your visibility. They also know all about SEO writing, product descriptions, and high-conversion web pages. And because they keep new content coming, your site remains relevant to the all-seeing eyes of Google.

How Freelance Writing Companies Benefit You

Now that we know what freelance writing companies offer and what that writing looks like, what does this mean for you? There are several reasons you may want to consider hiring a freelance writing company to further legitimize your online presence and attract more clicks.

They Save You Time

Content writing and copywriting are specialized and time-consuming. Freelance writing companies have access to writing professionals who have invested years of their life to sprucing up websites and refining messages. By letting them take the wheel on your company’s blog and article content, you free yourself and your staff to focus on their areas of expertise.

When you hire through a freelance writing company, the writing professionals who handle your project are flexible, adaptable, and creative. Depending on your needs and budget, freelance writers will work with you. You may opt to hire them on for a trial and then request more long-term work once you get a feel for them.

If you’ve ever tried to create polished, compelling content that stands above the rest, you understand how time-consuming even the smallest project can be. Freelance writing companies get you in touch with professionals who are highly skilled at writing, time-management, attention to detail, and flexibility.

You Get to Work with The Best

When working with a professional freelance writing company, you get the pleasure of working alongside some of the top talent in their field. If your local writing pool is small, this can be especially advantageous. Suddenly, you have access to the best of the best, all over the world.

And because you aren’t limited to your staff or even your city, you get to take advantage of a diverse selection of writers. If you need someone familiar with a specific niche, you will be able to find them through a freelance writing company.

The best freelance writing companies employ writers who are skilled at many different tasks. So in addition to creating exciting, fresh content, you’ll have access to individuals who are familiar with SEO, superb with social media engagement, and educated in all manner of effective sales tactics.

Hiring Through A Freelance Writing Company

Maybe you’re intrigued by the idea of working with a freelance writer but you’re not sure how to get started. Luckily, it’s easy and painless. Freelance writing companies are more than happy to guide you through the process regardless of the size or duration of your project.

You don’t even have to know exactly what you want. Working with freelance writers is a collaborative process, and writing professionals are skilled at intuitively understanding where they can help you polish, elevate, and improve. Multiple rounds of edits are typically included in their fees so that you and your writer can collaborate on the perfect final product.