Article writing is not what it used to be – overly formal, kind of stuffy, and something you had to break down. Nowadays, it needs to be engaging, digestible, educational, and memorable. It’s no longer about how formal, prestigious, and devoutly professional one can sound (of course, unless your particular industry innately demands it).

So, how do you create “soul grabbing” content? While there are a million great ideas to make article writing become a phenomenal process, let’s start with just a handful.

Create “Double- Take” Content

This is not about perfection. First drafts are about letting loose and just getting it all down on “paper”.

Whatever you are attempting to write about, let it brew in your heart. That is what makes people truly stop and read. You have the information in your head, now it is time to bring it down to your heart. This is where the knowledge can brew in some inspiration. It is one thing to write from stored knowledge and another thing to write with a whim of inspiration that brings illumination to readers.

Start by letting the message form within your emotions, it kicks back some that “writer’s block”. It takes the pressure off because what flows from the heart is much harder to block.

See Your Content as a Meal

Well, that is an interesting thought. Think about it like this; ultimately, food is for the nourishment of our bodies. Consuming it fixes our problem of hunger and malnourishment.

Thus, when people come to see your content, there is a hunger they need to satisfy. There is a certain type of knowledge they feel malnourished in. So, when you write, have in mind you are giving your readers a mental meal.

Write it in a way that resonates with them. The resonation is like dessert. The cherry on the top of a well-designed meal. Dessert usually resonates with most people. Some of us like dessert with our dinner. That is what you are doing with your content.

You are providing solid, hunger-quenching knowledge with some cherry on the top ideas readers can implement.

Formulate a Brilliant Title

When you have allowed your content to flow from the heart, you’ve gotten to “know” the content in a more fun and personal way. This also enables you to more easily come up with a title or two. Being able to come up with multiple titles is a sign that you know and can communicate the content well.

If there is a long struggle to come up with a title, let more of your heart get involved with the topic at hand. How would you want the information to affect your life? What part of it inspires you? How do you want this information to play out in the lives of your audience? This is the process of connecting with your knowledge emotionally.

Go through that process, then try writing some titles!

Expertise Through Experience

Being able to recite facts about your expertise is awesome. Readers do want that assurance that you KNOW your stuff. Let’s take it a bit further. Article writing should have some element of storytelling.

Can you share some of your expertise through storytelling? No, you don’t have to make up fictional characters or a storyline. Use your life as an example. You may have received your expertise through book knowledge or a degree. However, you became an expert through experience, and experiences are attached to stories.

So, find ways to insert examples of you operating within your expertise. This helps to solidify the points you are trying to make. It makes you relatable.

As a bonus to your readers, you can even add a bullet point list of takeaways from your expertise. When your audience can easily retrieve the golden nuggets from your work, they are more likely to remember and apply what they read.

This makes your article writing not just informative, but implementable. Talk about becoming the go-to person in your field!

Make It Digital Friendly

Content consumers want effective content, even if they don’t consciously know what that’s all about.

One of the biggest features of effective content is the creation of digital-friendly pieces of content. Today, readers want content that is easily digested. Subtitles, sentences, paragraphs need to be in shorter blocks of information. It needs to be skimmable and not something where they feel like they need to be seated with a cup of coffee, absorbing every little detail.

Use bullet points, highlights, and subtitles to help people get to where they want to go in your content. Readers sometimes just come for that nugget of truth they are looking for and that’s it!

Get Feedback Regularly

Feedback is a priceless benefit of becoming great at article writing.

On the most basic level, someone catches typos and grammatical errors. When your eyes have been looking at the same content, it is embarrassingly easy to overlook the simplest mistakes.

Spotting holes in logic is huge. Sometimes, we think we have explained something so well. When in fact the content was not written as clearly as it could have been. Having another pair of eyes look over your work, can help you become more aware of questions that your content might leave them with.

Other brilliant ideas can come from getting feedback. People love to share their opinions and ideas. Just by sharing their feedback and advice, you can get ideas that you may not have ever considered. Those ideas can be for the current piece being evaluated, or, the next one!

Having feedback from others can clue you in to the truth of whether your content is meeting the needs of your readers or not. Your trial audience can help you shape your content to resonate with readers more.

In closing, remember to have fun imparting your expertise to your readers. True readers are hungry. That ideal alone takes the pressure off article writing. So, use this article as a guide or blueprint to “soul grabbing” content that has people coming back over and over again.