Content writing is like fuel to your business. If you don’t have enough content, you can expect your business to stall out a little at some point in time.

When it comes to content creation and formatting, things change over time. The way people perceive and receive content changes in cycles.

Periodically, you have to rediscover what it is that has changed, and how to implement it into your content writing process.

We will discuss some of those in this blog post.

Write a lot, and often

Content is like gasoline. It fuels your business to keep it driving. You have to fill up your virtual spaces with content and fill it up well (quality content). If you were to put cheap gasoline in your car, eventually it is going to hurt the engine.

The optimal goal should be to produce 15 to 20 pieces of content per month. That is a solid amount to keep your business fueled and moving forward. The more you stay on that plan, the more traffic you will receive to your business, blogs, or website.

Writing content is a job of its own. So, if you are finding it a great challenge to write your own content, there are easy ways to work around that problem. You can hire a ghostwriter to knock out some content for you, for instance.

Also, it’s important to plan your content effectively. Take a little time here and there throughout the month to plan your content. You are much more likely to stay consistent with content writing if you don’t have to make stuff up on the spot.

Nail down your expertise

You don’t have to write about everything there is to know in your field. Choose three to five topics you can write about with little effort. Write about things that are almost as easy for you as breathing and that you know well, so you can establish yourself as a thought leader and authority in your industry.

Be creative. Use some of your knowledge to create a series of interrelated posts or guides. That helps your content go further.

Jot down your ideas. The one frustrating thing about inspiration is that you never know when it’s going to come. However, an unlooked-for idea can turn into some of the best content. When possible, write all of your ideas down as they come. It is your intuition telling you what the people need.

Be a research nerd. Even though you might know your field very well, things are always changing. New technology, techniques, and hacks are always being developed. The more you know, the more you position yourself as an expert in your readers’ eyes.

While new knowledge is always on the horizon, you want to keep positioning yourself through your content writing as the “go-to” person in your field.

Craft your unique voice

Sometimes it’s hard to know what your unique voice is and that’s OK. One helpful exercise is to find people who write in your field. Study their style and then emulate it.

To help you master their style, take something that they have written and rewrite it in your own words. Be a little redundant and rewrite it again. Go back through the latest version and try to insert some of your personality and any other highlights that you want to include.

Another thing you can do is pretend to do a speech about a particular topic. Of course, you can do this by yourself. This allows you to practice communicating in a way that feels most authentic to you. Having an invisible audience might feel awkward, but the exercise to discover your unique voice is worth it.

When you feel more comfortable speaking in your unique voice, the more able you are to write in your unique voice. Be patient with yourself but keep pushing forward.

After you have tried these two methods, you can try writing content fresh from your own well. No pressure. Just let the information flow and add your personal tone and touch to it.

Ask your readers about what they need

You can make all of your content writing engaging. Ask your readers to comment on your content, telling you about the things that they need or want. Sometimes, you can even pick up themes based upon your readers’ answers. Then you will have a strong consensus amongst your readers on what is truly needed.

Another engaging activity you can do is create an online brainstorming session. Try this with your most avid readers. You can reward them in a certain way for their participation. The goal is to help you plan content by allowing them to share their ideas.

Make your content actionable

Theories are awesome. Ideas and tips are even better. But what makes content great is leading people into implementation. Readers can think your content is world-changing, but many may never do anything about what they read.

However, once you give them actionable steps and strategic goals within your information, it empowers them. Acting on your content only cements you as a leader in your field in their eyes.

You don’t have to give them all the actionable steps all the time. You can save some of that for leading them into consultation times with you.

The content writing world is always in a state of flux. One thing that will not change is that content will be the fuel to a business blog or website. Use these ideas to create a plan to fuel your business with on-point, well-written content. Give your business the power to keep moving forward!