With the ever-growing number of companies around the world, succeeding as a small-scale business can be quite daunting. The revenue to create industry-leading adverts and campaigns simply isn’t available to small businesses, and the amount of trust consumers have in established companies makes it harder for small businesses providing similar products, albeit at better value, to make any headway. One solution to the quandary is to outsource your content marketing to a blog writing service.

What is content marketing?

One of the proven and most effective ways to compete and stand out as a small business is content marketing. Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of materials like videos and blogs that do not directly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Most small-scale businesses turn to blog writing, as it is relatively cheaper and easy to afford.

What is blog writing?

Blog writing is simply writing content for a blog. Writing quality blog posts can build a massive audience of engaged followers that you may choose to convert to customers by simply offering them your products. Writing quality blogs could prove challenging on your own, though. It requires skill, knowledge, and time. Most small business owners have the first two, but are short on the third. Thankfully, outsourcing your blog writing is possible. Why consider outsourcing your content marketing to an expert? Here are seven reasons.

1. Not everyone can write

The first and obvious reason to outsource blog writing is the truth that not everyone can write well. Not everyone is skilled at delivering quality, professionally written, coherent content. The quality of blog posts greatly affects the follower gathering it amasses, and this consequently affects the number of customers you can accrue. In plain terms, quality content equals more customers.

2. Lower costs

How much is your time worth? What would it take to see the necessary ROI if you were to handle all of your blog writing yourself? For most small business owners, hiring a freelance writing company for blog posting is a much more affordable option. Not only does it save you money, but it ensures you’re putting in effort where it has the most return – on building your business.

3. Readily available professional expertise

If you are not familiar with blog writing, the path to writing articles that take advantage of SEO can be a very difficult one that will end up consuming a lot of time and resources. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process that allows you to get free organic traffic for your blog and rank well on search engines. The obvious solution would be to simply outsource the blog writing. There are over 55 million freelancers in the US alone and with 66% of them having a college degree or higher, getting professional expertise has never been easier.

4. Saves time

Simply put, time is money. The amount of time it would take to place an advert for the post of an in-house content writer, the time it would take to interview countless applicants or the time it would take to write a blogpost yourself, is time that can be invested in the growth of your personal skills and business.

5. Better reliability

Hiring an in-house content writer has its pros and cons. One of the major cons is reliability. Every time you require content, it will be solely dependent on the in-house writer’s creativity and ideas. Plus, any external factor that affects the writer affects your content. If the in-house writer were to call in sick, your entire content creation process would be on hold. If they were to turn in a resignation letter, it would take time to rehire and some of your ongoing projects would be stalled. When you outsource blog writing, you have peace of mind in knowing that your content creation won’t be put on hold.

6. Better productivity

The more content you create, the faster your followers grow, and consequently, the more consumers you have. According to HubSpot, “Companies that blog at least 16 times a month earn about 3.5x the traffic of companies who only blog between 0-4 times a month”.

Running multiple projects concurrently could prove difficult for 1, 2, or 3 employed in-house writers, but when you outsource blog writing, you have access to an entire company of experienced, professional writers.

7.  Ease of use

One of the major pros of outsourced blog writing is simply how easy it is to do anything from the comfort of your home. You could have a full team of freelance writers working around the clock to write quality content for your blog without the need for office space, without having to draft monthly payment spreadsheets, or having to relate physically with anyone. If you want to expand into other markets, including international ones, this makes it simple and affordable to do so.

In conclusion

The conversation about the preferred method of blog writing—outsourced blog writing or in-house blog writing – could go on and on with no end in sight. As a business owner, you could choose to go either way. But, with multiple small-scale businesses, and growing enterprises opting to outsource blog writing, it comes highly recommended. The advantages offered are simply too valuable to miss.