Ebooks – For Free or Profit?

By now you realize the tremendous advantages of eBook writing for your company. The question now is, should you give away a book for free (as an “incentive” to boost sales) or merely sell a book for profit and start upping your cash flow? Obviously, there is no “official” stance on this, but if you were to put on the mind of your customer, you might gain some insight into your ethical obligation.

How Much is Your eBook Writing Worth?

If a customer is willing to spend money on the eBook, they have trusted you to a great extent, and expect you to deliver a product that meets with their expectations. Did you know that statistically speaking, most eBook readers do not ask for a money back return even if the company offers one? This indicates that readers merely want what they were promised by the eBook writer. If you deliver on your promises, and give them the information that they wanted, you can charge money with a good conscience.

However, if you scrap together a “cheap” book that merely copies Wikipedia articles and contains only “surface” material that is not of any deep value, well the reader is obviously going to feel cheated. And yes, he or she will probably ask for a refund.

Doing Your Readers a “Favor” with Information

This is not to say that you should refrain from writing “cheap” books entirely. If these products do contain some information, but not as much as a traditional book would, then these would be ideal “free products.” If the eBook writer is mostly discussing how great a company’s services/products are, “free” would definitely be appreciated. If, however, you go that extra mile and include multiple chapters of specialized information (and information that is not publicly known) then you have earned that commercial book’s price tag. Most readers will be happy to pay for it.

Of course, you have to make sure the eBook writer does a quality job. If you fear that you do not have the eBook writing skills or the time to undertake such a job, then by all means, outsource the job to someone who does. You will easily make this money back after only a few downloads, since you keep all rights and can “lock” the book so that it is only available via download after payment. Some of the best eBook writers out there can sell a book for $50 a download, because they contain very niche-oriented subject matter. (i.e. little known practices or disciplines, academic or mechanical information, and so on)

Modern eBooks are indeed very handy products, as they can be taken anywhere thanks to new apps and portable devices. They can also be printed out with ease. The real question is, “Why aren’t you selling or giving away free eBooks?” This is a sales method that can really help you to connect with your audience. Fortunately, you have a choice in terms of price, so that you can continue to foster the relationships you build with your customers.