Why You Need Legal SEO Writing Services

If you are an attorney or represent a law office, then no doubt finding new clients to represent is a major concern to you. A legal professional cannot survive long on word-of-mouth alone, unless maybe you’re Alan Dershowitz. This is why you provide free consultations. This is why you advertise…and this is why you should be investing in legal SEO writing.

Why is Search Engine Optimization marketing the most powerful type of web marketing online? Because all of this traffic is targeted—unlike banner ads and unlike TV commercials. SEO allows you to make your pitch to Internet readers that are already looking for legal professionals to help them on a case.

Why is Legal Article Writing Important?

Legal writing is important because it helps get your name noticed by search engines and by web visitors. You truly need to aim for robots (web crawlers, specifically) and for human eyes. Writing for search engines (which involves keywording) earns you a higher spot on broad and local search results.

However, you cannot discount the importance of living reader appeal; in fact, major search engines (two of which you can probably think of right now) reward websites that offer well-written content. Did you know that the three biggest search engines online actually employ human editors that can influence which sites are placed higher in the search rankings?

Besides, once your targeted reader lands on of your keyword-friendly pages, you must maintain that person’s interest so that he/she stays longer than 30 seconds. In order to maintain that interest, you must publish articles that appeal to the mind and the heart.

Motivate Clients to Come Forward with Legal SEO Writing

You well know this, especially if you have been in the legal industry for quite some time. People are motivated to take action when they feel an emotional connection to another person. Sharing cold hard facts means nothing. Giving details about your credentials is likewise not a big deal. What matters is how you make your opening statements, the relevancy of the text, and the call to action conclusion.

Legal article writing is what will bring you more cases. It also helps tremendously to make heartfelt statements, ones that show you support your clients. Paint a portrait of a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney and your phone will be ringing nonstop!

An SEO Ghostwriting Firm Can Help with Legal SEO Writing

However, this is not the sort of project that you can delegate to an office worker. Writing for the legal profession is not just a matter of keyword stuffing and recycling statistics. It requires skill, experience and a professional writer’s touch. You should only outsource this project to an experienced SEO writing firm, one that understands how to write and how to market articles.

Words You Want provides expert-quality legal article writing and has done so for the past six years. We have worked with many law firms in the past and continue to assist hard-working legal professionals in the name of justice.