Why Opt for an Article Writing Package Over General SEO Work?

It sounds easy enough at first. Hire a writer and pay him/her for a couple of articles a week. However, the more you learn about SEO in general, the more you will want to buy a complete article writing package. Why is this? Because an SEO package offers more than just words—it provides you a full strategy that will give your web marketing campaign direction.

What is an SEO Package?

An SEO package involves a quantity of articles instead of a few. These packages have been assembled according to the most common client requests. They might include web articles, web copy, blogs and press releases. Many clients find it convenient to invest in a package deal rather than pay SEO writer firms week to week.

Not only that, but an SEO package also helps to organize a campaign and reveal to the client how successful the web marketing strategy is turning out. SEO packages usually last between 1-3 months, which is the perfect timeframe for analyzing your overall traffic, type of traffic, sales conversions and other data.

Not all SEO packages are complex and last for months on end. Some contracts are as little as a month long, while others might be closer to a year. We in the SEO industry advise that you allow your web marketing campaign to go on for at least six months, in order to determine a long-term return on investment. However, you are not obligated to try the same strategy over and over again. This is the value of SEO packages—you can change aspects of the campaign as you go along. Need more blogs and fewer SEO articles? Just let the SEO writing firm know!

The Quality of Writing in an Article Writing Package Matters!

The quality of writing is of the utmost importance. It doesn’t really matter if you are ordering blogs, web copy or general SEO articles. Your readers want to read quality stuff, and this is your obligation as a professional. Publishing a bunch of gibberish or some general articles that teach nothing is only going to frustrate readers looking for quality content.

Honestly, what kind of customer responds to keyword stuffed articles that go nowhere? Can you imagine saying these words to someone in person? You have to publish material of interest to human readers as well as the search engines. In fact, the search engines are quickly catching wise to SEO companies that keyword stuff their articles and are now penalizing websites that feature bad writing.

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