Where to Find an Experienced Blog Article Writer

Blogs are big business nowadays. You can earn money from advertising or from commissions when you build and keep an audience with a blog. What’s the secret to being a successful blog article writer? Content…quality and quantity content. As you know, if you “drop the ball” and start publishing low quality blogs, your readership will soon dissipate.

Yet, this scenario happens a great deal. A blog writer establishes a hit blog, and then moves on to bigger and better things (or so he thinks) and starts recycling material or outsourcing writing needs to some cheap SEO “experts.” Within a few days though, the audience dwindles. Here’s the problem: these bloggers are writing for search engines and not for human eyes.

The Responsibilities of a Blog Article Writer

Bloggers must be very knowledgeable about their subjects. Whether a blogger is writing on coins, marketing or new gadgets, he or she must study the subject and be willing to share his/her in-depth knowledge with other people. Writing at this high a level consistently will require research, as informative content is what draws a large audience.

Blogs are usually written by authors who keep up with industry news, notice trends, or are capable of expounding upon a particular issue of interest to readers. Not only must there be adequate keyword work (not to mention staying on track and writing about the subject), but the articles should also be one step above generic SEO work.

A Blog Article Writer Must be Conversational

However, in successful blogging it’s not just about the sharing of information. Bloggers must also be conversational and reach out to readers and thus create a personal connection. Good information is available in an encyclopedia. A person looking for blogs wants to read in-depth information, but as translated from the point of view of a friend. Someone who can speak in casual terminology and yet explain the situation completely.

Blogs should also incite commentary. A good blog writer motivates other people to comment on a blog, stirring them up to talk about the subject. All of this conversation is good for the company.

What a Blog Writer Does for Social Media

Speaking of conversation, just consider the importance of social media today. Corporate companies are spending big money just to make an impact in the social media scene. Friend connection sites, micro blogging sites and networking sites are where people are congregating, and where they are talking about business. Naturally, a company interested in youth and in social media will invest time and money in such a promising business venture.

However, social media means nothing without a quality blog author. A blog writer must start the conversation, guide the conversation and create a positive group dynamic. Now more than ever, the role of the blog author is crucial to success.

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