What Qualities Make Professional Article Writing?

Are you looking for a professional article writing company? You may be wondering what the difference is between all of these SEO writing firms slugging it out for your dollar. There is only one true distinction between a good and bad SEO writer. One creates quality content and the other creates drivel.

Drivel is not SEO-friendly. It doesn’t matter how many keywords you stuff into a webpage. If the page is poorly written, it’s not going to receive many hits, because it’s not going to be listed in a search engine—or at least not anywhere near the top 100. (And who has time to search that far down the list?)

A Professional Article Writer Researches a Subject

The first sign of a quality article is the amount of research that went into it. You will be able to tell immediately whether the writer understands the subject and takes an interest in it. You owe your readers high quality articles that contain informative content—content that teaches them something beyond the superficial. Many readers may think about buying a product…but until they understand why they need it, and what the purpose of the design is, they may not be motivated to act. Informative content helps in making the sale because it explains the situation to the buyer.

All quality SEO articles should contain a degree of informative content. However, blogs should provide even more specific content—catering to a particular industry and to educated readers. A professional article writer will write blogs from the perspective of a well-read customer, and thus include more news-oriented information on a subject.

Professional Article Writing is Conversational

However, good Internet writing is not solely about reporting. The website should also publish information that is sales friendly and that motivates readers to take action. The basic formula of an Internet SEO or blog article is to establish a “hook”, a thought that grabs interest, expand upon that idea, and then include a call to action at the end of the article. Without this call to action, the reader may not take action, and a neutral reader is not something you want.

Therefore, a professional article writer will do his or her best to write conversationally, and when appropriate, emotionally. This is the best way to make sales—when you connect with the reader and inspire him or her to take action.

Don’t Risk It…Use a Professional Article Writing Service!

It’s not wise to try to write all this content on your own. We’re not suggesting that it’s beyond a non-writer’s grasp to write excellent content. Our point is merely that you as an individual are going to find it very difficult to write in bulk. Search engines want good writing in volume, as in hundreds of articles a month!

Don’t wear yourself out. Focus on the management, and outsource your writing needs to an experienced SEO writing firm like Words You Want. We have been in business since 2006 and have a long list of happy clients. Let us help you create a successful web marketing campaign!