What Are the Advantages of Professional Food Writing?

Why are we talking about food writing on this SEO-related website? It’s not just because I’m feeling hungry and have a hankering for Cajun food! No, food is an important “product” and it is often times the main product of a local business. Food can also be a side product and part of the overall user experience.

Think about some of the businesses that rely on food as a side product – hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, party and wedding planners, and travel companies. There are also companies that sell food as a primary product, like restaurants, snack manufacturers, beverage companies and chefs. Guess what all of these businesses have in common? They can all benefit from Search Engine Optimization marketing!

SEO for Food Writing? Yes, It Really Works!

Perhaps you’re wondering right now how food article writing can work for you. What if you’re a restaurant and you depend on local customers to keep you in business? All the more reason to establish a presence online. No, not in India or China, but in your own home city! Think about how many customers might be more interested in buying your food if they saw weekly updates to your website. Or, if you’re a tourist-friendly company (like a hotel or resort) think of how many more visitors you could attract if you talked about the delicious wines and dinners you served.

How can a company not discuss food when that’s its primary product? People don’t merely buy delicious entrees because it’s convenient or because they are hungry. They buy it for the experience—because their imagination, their desire has been teased. This is where “selling” the food comes in, and what better way to do that than with article marketing.

Food Writing for Search Engines

You can also benefit from publishing food articles from a business perspective. Search engines are “hungry” for content, including food content. Millions of Internet users search for new information on food every day. Why not get a piece of that pie (so to speak)? Even if you’re trying to localize your results to one city, just reaching a fraction of a million people that are close by to your restaurant makes good business sense.

Now more than ever, search engines are looking for quality content to feature. Food article writing is by no means a niche. Trying fantastic new dinners and desserts is one of the best features about a family vacation! You’re not going to do much of anything in web marketing if all you put up is a PDF scan of your menu. Make the product come alive. Tease the senses of your reader. Sell your dishes…with a little help from an experienced SEO writing company!

If you need help with food writing (who really has time to write and cook these days?) then by all means, contact Words You Want. Our company has extensive experience in travel writing, food writing and health writing. Ask us about our SEO packages and our plans to increase your web presence!