What an Experienced SEO Web Content Writer Knows

There’s a “writer” and then there’s an experienced SEO web content writer. What’s the difference? A writer merely writes…an SEO web writer can help you start a successful web marketing campaign. Many companies just starting in SEO marketing, don’t quite understand the difference and are left underwhelmed at the results.

General writers really offer no direction or special marketing expertise. They merely write about subjects without really understanding the marketing purpose behind the story. Writing and marketing are two different worlds, and in order to see results, you must have an SEO expert that can both write and market for your company.

The Value of an SEO Web Content Writer

An SEO content writer knows how to use keywords effectively and knows how to properly research a topic. The first concern is not drawing attention to him or herself (as is necessary in literary writing) but to the client company and the products. Lastly, the SEO content writer must be able to make a sales pitch without being too over the top. A call to action ending motivates web viewers to take action, whether in buying a product, joining a mailing list or making a phone call.

An SEO content writer is also careful about keeping the quality of writing at a prime level—despite the lowball tactics of his/her competitors. The days of keyword stuffing and information recycling are over. Search engines and human readers crave quality and they will not put up with amateur writing. In-depth research is especially important when writing blogs, eBooks and press releases.

An SEO Web Content Writer is One Step Ahead

An experienced web content writer is always one step ahead of the industry. Therefore, your SEO writing firm should be able to caution you about the latest industry trends. For example, the world’s largest search engine recently announced that it was drastically changing its algorithm method of operation. Has the SEO writing company you’re working with addressed this situation? How does this affect your long-term plan? How does this affect the topics of the SEO campaign? These are questions that the SEO writer should be able to answer.

The Words You Want Promise

Words You Want is more than just a writer for hire. We are an SEO ghostwriting firm. That means we have a team of writers that is ready to help you build a successful marketing campaign. Hiring an individual writer to write articles for you is a risk. He or she may not understand SEO, or may not be able to guide you in marketing. Words You Want can offer you this professional guidance. Words You Want also gives its clients a promise of quality writing that appeals to human eyes and to the major search engines. We offer customer-first solutions and make it a point to follow the client requested instructions as presented.

Our company has been meeting deadlines and providing A-quality content to clients since 2006. We are even rated as an “A” company by the Better Business Bureau. Let us help you create a web marketing campaign that works!