Promote Your Web Designing Services with First Rate Web Design Articles

Looking for help with web design articles? Right about now, many company owners are thinking that it’s about time they created a website. Why not? It is the year 2011 and this is the Internet Age. What they need right now is an expert web designer who can help them create an excellent web presence. Whether you are a web designer who builds from HTML, or uses a Content Management System program, you have your work cut out for you—you have to get these people’s attention.

Otherwise, no one on the Internet even knows you exist. Word of mouth doesn’t really spread online as fast as everyone thinks—unless of course you create something fantastic like Chocolate Rain. Otherwise, you’re just another company offering a product. You need a marketing strategy.

How can you increase your web presence online? It’s not just about web design. You may have a brilliant web design and a whole host of website portfolios to offer. However, who is going to see these masterful works? It’s time to invest in an aggressive marketing campaign.

The Advantage of SEO Web Design Articles

You have a choice between banner advertising, PPC text advertising, or Search Engine Optimization. We feel the latter choice is the best option, since this method guarantees targeted traffic and gives the best long-term value. With banner ad and text advertising, you pay for every ad you run (or in the case of PPC, with every ad the customer clicks).

SEO articles last until the website goes down, or until the article directory stops publishing. This guarantees you another link and a sales-friendly article that builds your credibility. Furthermore, SEO articles are not just about communicating a “pitch” or a series of snappy ideas. Readers get more when they read complete articles. You can teach them about a subject they are interested in. You can speak as an authority figure and make your point.

The Style of Web Design Articles

Of course, a lot has to be said in order to persuade a client to use your web designing service. It’s not just a matter of writing copy; “We make the best websites!” What motivates people to take action and purchase one of your plans? You must convince them that (A) you are capable of designing an excellent website, (B) you can customize the site to their own vision, and (C) you can do it for less money than your competitors.

You have to convey this in your SEO articles, though at times you do have to be subtle about the pitch. For instance, a series on “common mistakes web designers make” could show your web expertise. Make sure that your web articles all cater to what the client needs to know.

Of course, most web designers can’t afford to write these articles on their own. This takes time and great effort, especially considering the quantity involved. Why not outsource your work to an SEO writing company? Words You Want has experience in designing SEO articles for web design and working directly with web designing services for long-term contracts.