Press Release Writing & Distribution

Words You Want is a PR Newswire Partner

Words You Want has written numerous press releases for a wide variety of both online and offline businesses. Our press releases have been picked by the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, Fox Business News and, just to name a few.

We recommend that you write and distribute press releases on a monthly basis, as news sources such as Google News refresh their content on a monthly basis. That means that after 30 days, your PR will no longer be visible online or providing you with backlinks. By refreshing your business news each month, you will keep your business pertinent to bloggers, journalists, and consumers. Remember, repetition is key when it comes to building a successful online presence.

Words You Want is proud to be a partner with PR Newswire. This partnership allows us to offer PR Newswire distribution and allows our customers to avoid the membership fee and application process that PRNewswire charges. That’s a savings of $245 per year!

The Benefits of PR Newswire Distribution

PR Newswire offers true media distribution in addition to online distribution. They have a variety of packages to choose from depending on your needs from regional submission to international submission options. You can even have your PR headline broadcasted on the Reuters’ sign in Time Square!

The majority of PR sites offer online distribution only. Your chances of getting picked up by actual journalists are limited. PRNewswire sends PRs directly to the media offices where actual journalists work. This ensures you get true press distribution and not just a posting on a website. Their press releases reach 4,200 newsrooms!

Additional benefits include:

  • Distribution to thousands of websites, search engines and online databases giving your release a potential audience of millions
  • Related trade publications across the nation
  • PR Newswire’s media-only Web site where tens-of-thousands of journalists and bloggers go to get news and information
  • Journalists looking for expert testimony when working on deadline
  • Venture capitalists and other potential investment sources
  • Receive premium reporting with every release

PR Newswire Distribution Options

Contact us for more options including national newslines and regional newslines. The following are our most popular options.

Start Your PR Project Today!

Our press releases are $100 and have a standard turnaround time of 3 business days. Various PR Newswire distribution options are available for all budgets and start at $129. Contact us to learn more!