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Words You Want has been providing SEO friendly content since 2006!

In recent years, blogs and articles have become one in the same in the world of content writing. In the early years, people were very specific about needing either articles or blogs. Today, most articles are blogs. Strategies like article marketing have gone to the wayside and therefore the majority of content posted on websites are blogs that are also much longer and more in-depth than they used to be.

Words You Want has been writing SEO friendly content since 2006 and have kept up to date with all SEO best practices and the numerous changes to search engine algorithms over time. Our goal has always been to provide quality, educational and informational content that is ready to publish on your website as soon as you receive it. This also works hand in hand with today’s inbound marketing strategies, as blogs provide the information readers are looking for when considering your products or services.

Articles and blogs are priced by word count and quantity ordered. These rates apply to informational content only. We recommend 1000 words for blogs, as Google tends to rank these longer articles higher than they do short articles. Of course, we never recommend stuffing or fluffing up content if the length isn’t needed.

Blog Management Packages

Don’t have time to write and post your blogs? Let us do it for you! Words You Want offers blog management for $400 per month. We will write 10 1000 word blogs per month, add pictures and post them to your website for $400 per month!

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Articles/Blogs Pricing
(Informational content)

Word Count Less than 50 articles 50+ articles 100+articles
100 $5 $5 $4
200 $10 $10 $9
300 $15 $14 $13
400 $20 $19 $18
500 $25 $24 $23
600 $30 $29 $28
700 $35 $34 $33
800 $40 $39 $38
900 $45 $44 $43
1000 $50 $49 $48
2000 $100 $99 $98

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