Insurance SEO Writing Will Help Sell Insurance Policies

Are you an insurance provider or an insurance agent? As you can probably tell us, selling insurance is difficult these days. In times of recession, insurance policies are usually the first “sacrifice” made by households attempting to increase cash flow. Yes, a web design (especially an interactive one that gives live estimated quotes) can help revitalize your business…but are you also investing in insurance SEO writing?

Why Insurance Writing Makes a Difference

Here’s the problem with a majority of insurance websites today—they say nothing. They only provide the names of insurance companies, comparison quotes, and some general policy information. They don’t talk about insurance. What an oversight! What kind of salesperson just stands there in front of a customer and holds up a sign showing the basic policy coverage?

Would you do that in person? Of course not! Yet, having an excellent web comparison site with no SEO content is virtually the same thing. In order to be successful in selling insurance, you must connect with your audience. You can use insurance writing to capture reader interest.

The best way to maintain that interest is to talk about the value of insurance. Are you reaching out to your audience and explaining why it’s important to have insurance? Are you including a call to action, reminding them of the action they must take?

Investing in Insurance SEO Writing Also Improves Your Rankings

Maintaining reader interest is but one advantage. Consider what insurance writing does for your website in terms of marketing. Search engines rank the “best” websites for particular keywords based on factors like popularity, number of links, quantity of content and quality of content. When you create more content (and especially in-depth content), the search engines take notice and thus place you higher on the rankings. The higher up you are listed (especially for broad keywords or for local keywords), the higher number of prospects you have to pitch to.

You can benefit from publishing articles on your own website and also on article directories, which help to establish your credibility and build links. In the end, your content must be written for human beings and for search engine robots. It must be readable, professional and conversational, while still remaining keyword friendly.

Hire an Insurance SEO Writing Company for Your Needs

Insurance article writing may be challenging for you if you run a full time insurance business. However, you can outsource your writing needs for an affordable price when you work with a quality SEO writing provider. An SEO writing service can offer you quality content and a large volume of content that is sure to get the attention of search engines and targeted readers looking for insurance policies.

Words You Want offers many SEO services and a wide variety of content, from blogs to articles to press releases. Words You Want can help establish a strong web presence for your company. Make no mistake about it, quality content is what will separate you from insurance “spammers” that just don’t comprehend the “personal connection” needed in sales. Words You Want is waiting for your email!