How Does a Press Release Writing Service Help?

Let’s talk about the value of a press release writing service. You probably know by now that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more advantageous than running PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads. Along with that thought, news stories are a far better investment than banner ads and PPC ads. We would like to remind you of the option of writing news stories for search engines.

You might find it difficult to break the top 10 when you are targeting broad keywords. (This feat usually requires greater popularity as well as a higher volume of regular content.) However, being listed in the news section of a site (usually a tab right next to the basic web search) is as easy as writing a high quality press release. A press release writer can help you with this!

The Advantages of Hiring a Press Release Writing Service

Press releases that follow news guidelines are listed in the news section—and they can be listed within seconds. Why is this? Because when you are doing basic SEO work, you must wait for the search engines to find your site. (This could take a few years.) However, when you use established article directories and press resources, you are taking advantage of their popularity.

Yes, your story can be featured on a well-known directory site. There is also the possibility of syndication and reprinting—if your story is popular enough to get the attention of major news sources. So, what we have here is basically another market besides the regular SEO market. (Even though press releases and SEO work is often combined in a package deal.)

How a Press Release Writing Service Works

How does a press release writer go about writing a press release? It’s not as easy as it might seem. The guidelines for press releases tend to be strict and dozens (and perhaps hundreds) of stories are tossed out every day. Why? It’s because these stories break the recommended guidelines for press releases. Press releases should be written in a journalistic style, as if it was a legitimate news story breaking.

Moreover, the submission process tends to be complicated. This is why most website owners choose to work with an SEO writing company rather than invest time in writing their own press releases. An SEO writing company knows the right sources to contact and the precise way in which to write a press release for serious consideration.

What Benefits Come from Using a Press Release Writer?

Press releases not only get you instantaneous results…they also get you national attention. News sections of popular search sites are read every day. Furthermore, many of these news stories are syndicated and reach an even larger audience. In addition to mainstream attention, you can also count on building extra links with these press releases.

The bottom line is that in order to succeed in web marketing, you must work with both basic SEO and press releases. The more people you reach with your message, the better. Fortunately for web marketers, there is now another avenue to explore.

Let Words You Want, an experienced SEO writing firm, create press releases for your company. We guarantee that your press release will be published (meeting all guidelines) and will be seen by the masses!