Project Terms

We're very easy to work with!

Words You Want accepts credit cards via Quickbooks and PayPal. We require up front payment on direct projects. If you have a large project, we will often work with you on payment terms – such as half up front and half upon completion. Projects on freelancing sites require escrow to be funded up front. Projects that are not funded/paid, will not be scheduled until payment is made/funded.


We don’t miss deadlines. The majority of projects have a one week turnaround. Larger projects may be 2-3 weeks depending on the length and complexity. We book up on a week to week basis. Once your project is scheduled, this time is accounted for in our schedule. This is important as we schedule incoming work according to deadlines and due dates.

Topics For Approval

We do provide topics for approval on batches of 30 topics or less. We do have to charge for batches of articles over this amount due to the additional time it takes to come up with so many topics. Topics for approval must be requested at scheduling. We require a 24 hour response to maintain scheduling and deadlines.


Revisions are allowed up to 14 calendar days after work has been delivered. At that time, we will give you an estimated time of completion on your revisions. We will do our best to have your revisions completed within 48 hours of receiving notice, but this may be extended based on the number of revisions required and length of project.  If you require revisions, we require that the deadline be extended based on the extent of the revisions.

Revisions are allowed within the scope of the project.  For instance, changes to work created by us can be revised, but if you were to write a new chapter for your ebook and ask us to edit and insert the chapter, that is not within the scope of the project and editing fees would be charged.

Service and Confidentiality Agreements

Words You Want is more than willing to sign service and confidentiality agreements on projects as long as our terms are also met within the project agreement.  In addition, all agreements will be considered null and void if you do not complete payment for your project.

UK/AUS Buyers

Please inform Words You Want if you would like your content to be written in UK English.  Otherwise, all content is sent in US English.  There are several different spellings between the UK and US English language and if we are not alerted prior to the project, we are not responsible for any misspelled words in the final documents. We are also solely dependent on the Microsoft Word language settings.

Intellectual Property Rights & Copyright

Words You Want agrees to grant the buyer exclusive and royalty free rights to the content provided it is paid for completely. Any work that is not paid for fully remains copyrighted to Words You Want and may not be used or distributed by the buyer until it has been paid for in full.


We pride ourselves on quick communication and for the smoothness of transactions and business, we ask that you do the same. We will do our best to respond to your messages within minutes when able. We are very open to communication and encourage buyers to be as clear and concise in their project requirements.  The more details you can provide, the better the work will be.

We are available via email only and by phone on an appointment basis only for a prepaid fee of $50. Our business is 100% online and functions on written documentation of project details.