Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge for phone calls or consultations?

There are several reasons that we charge for phone calls, but the main reason is that our business is 100% online and email is the most viable communication option for us. We consider ourselves to be a very customer oriented company, however, our popularity on various freelancing websites has resulted in a large number of people requesting phone calls and as writers, this is simply not feasible for us to handle. You can read the extended version of why we charge for phone calls here.

Is the content unique?

Yes, the articles are always unique and never copied from any other website. All of our staff writers are professionals and pride themselves on their creative abilities. To make sure you are receiving a one-of-a-kind article, we screen all of our content through Copyscape, which is a web software program that analyzes content to see if it is duplicated elsewhere on the Internet. It’s basically plagiarism protection.

Why do you have $100 minimum?

Between Paypal fees, credit card fees and other commission fees, our $100 minimum project requirement ensures that the project is viable and isn’t going to result in a loss of income.

Do you spin articles?

No, we do not spin articles.  Readers want to read new and informational articles, not one that has 40% changes made from the original.  If you want articles rewritten, it’s better for you to rewrite them in a natural manner.

What do I need to provide to you?

All that we require are your topics or keywords – but of course you may provide us as much direction as you wish. If you do not have topics or keywords, we are happy to come up with topics for you, however. If you would like topics for approval, they must be requested at scheduling of your project and we require a 24 hour response. You can also download our questionnaires here. These will assist you in providing the information we need to write your project

Do I have to provide any research information?

No, we do all research necessary and will ensure the articles complement your website.  However, you are welcome to provide any additional research you would like your articles to reflect.

What keyword density do you use?

We believe in natural keyword usage that follows the best practices of SEO as defined by HubSpot. This includes the keyword in the title, first sentence and in subheadings. We do not use keywords more than 1% unless requested otherwise.

What’s the best day to post a press release?

The best days to post a PR are typically Tuesday-Thursday. Mondays are hectic “catch-up” days at work and Fridays are vacation days. If there is a holiday weekend involved, Tuesday is the new Monday, making Wednesday and Thursday ideal. When submitting a PR, you want to send it through PRWeb the day before you want it to post, as it takes a day for the submission to be accepted and posted.