Employment Opportunities

Words You Want is in need of U.S. based, Native English-speaking writers who are serious about writing for an income and understand the importance of meeting deadlines, while also producing quality and consistent work.

Writers must be able to commit to a Monday-Friday schedule and complete a minimum of 4,000 words per day.

Deadlines are 2 A.M. Central Time and work must be thoroughly proofread. Deadlines and proofreading are two things we do not take lightly. It’s vital that deadlines are met and that work comes in clean, as we consider proofreading 50% of a writer’s job.

Quick communication is also essential, as this is a fast-paced industry. We prefer email responses within 12 hours at a maximum.

Payment is made on a weekly basis via PayPal.

Our pay rates are as follows:

100 words: $1.50

200 words: $3

300 words: $4

400 words: $5

500 words: $7

600 words: $8

700 words: $9

800 words: $10

1000 words: $15

Web content/Sales copy rate – 3 cents per word

Ebooks – $5 per page (Format is 1.5 line spacing, 12 pt Arial – approximately 250-300 words per page)

If you can commit to daily deadlines and produce at least 4,000 words per day, contact us for a paid trial article.

Upon successful completion of the trial article, we will do a trial set of 4,000 words. If the writer and WYW are ready to move forward with additional projects, we will provide you with a detailed New Writer’s Orientation that will explain our policies and procedures. You will also be required to provide a W9 and NDA.

Please contact us using the form below. If the form does not load for you, click here to apply.