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eBooks To Go is a our store for pre-written ebooks. These books can be used for a variety of uses from starting your own eBook selling business, selling on Kindle, Amazon and other digital book stores as well as selling on your own website or giving away as part of a service or product. Our eBooks are written over topics that we have found to be popular subjects and compliment a variety of different businesses and industries.

When you purchase from our eBook To Go store, you are purchasing the rights to the book. You will be the only owner of the book. We do not sell multiple copies. All books include a 3D cover. Some books also include images depending on the subject matter. We also offer additional typesetting, Kindle conversion options and sales letters for an additional fee.

Don’t see a pre-written eBook that suits your business? No problem! We also offer custom eBook and book writing services!


Food or “Ingredient”? breaks down the variety of “ingredients” that big food companies use in the foods we eat everyday. Everything from dies to ingredients you can’t pronounce are having a substantial impact on our health and bodies. More and more people are developing digestive issues and cancer as time goes on. This book explores how these so called “ingredients” may actually be the reason behind our health epidemic.
50 page book with cover – $585
In The Wild: Survive When The Odds Are Against You is a 50 page book providing instructions on how to survive in the wilderness with little to no supplies. Hundreds of people over the years have found themselves lost in the woods and wilderness for days on in, using only their instincts and drive to stay alive to survive. What would you do? Do you know how to survive in the wilderness if something were to happen to you?
50 page book with cover and images – $710

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